Which 5 Element are you?

Which 5 Element are you?


[  ]  I tend to figure problems out in my head rather than processing with others.

[  ]  I consider myself to be candid and direct in my communications and have been known to hurt others’ feelings as a result.

[  ]  I don’t toot my own horn and rarely talk about my accomplishments.

[  ]  I can see the bigger picture in situations.

[  ]  I don’t need a lot of money to be happy.

[  ]  I would rather stay at home with a good book than attend a large social event.

[  ]  People don’t really know me and I kind of like it that way.

[  ]  I don’t trust people easily, but am loyal when I do.

[  ]  I don’t like having to rely on others and consider myself to be independent.

[  ]  I can easily get lost in my own world.

Group A Total: 



[  ]  I love starting new projects and often have multiple projects going at the same time.

[  ]  I can make decisions quickly and take action on them rather quickly.

[  ]  People see me as a leader.

[  ]  I am often on the cutting edge in my work and love learning new things.

[  ]  I become frustrated when things don’t happen fast enough.

[  ]  I enjoy public recognition for my talents and accomplishments.

[  ]  At times, I can be reactive or compulsive in taking action.

[  ]  I do well under deadlines.

[  ]  I like being the first to try something new.

[  ]  If needed, I will take the lead in order to get things done.

Group B Total:



[  ]  Communicating effectively is one of my strengths.

[  ]  I am generally a happy-go-lucky person and enjoy life.

[  ]  I read people well.

[  ]  I easily take on other people’s emotions.

[  ]  I am prone to anxiety.

[  ]  I enjoy giving and receiving affection.

[  ]  I can easily become passionate about a project I believe in and can get other people enthused about it too.

[  ]  At times, I can become exhausted to the point of crashing.

[  ]  Friends and/or colleagues like my high energy and enthusiasm.

[  ]  I am comfortable being emotional and even vulnerable at times.

Group C Total:



[  ]  My friends often lean on me for advice and support.

[  ]  I like things the way they are and generally resist change.

[  ]  I am very supportive of other people’s goals.

[  ]  In social or family groups, I tend to be the glue that keeps everyone together and go out of my way to make interactions harmonious.

[  ]  I tend to put the needs of others ahead of my own.

[  ]  I tend to worry a lot.

[  ]  I am generally agreeable and accommodating.

[  ]  I generally prefer working in groups rather than on my own.

[  ]  My perfect day would include being at home with my entire family and most likely I would be cooking for them.

[  ]  I don’t make a lot of changes, but when I do they are pretty major.

Group D Total:



[  ]  I am a good organizer.

[  ]  I maintain a neat and orderly environment.

[  ]  I prefer a systematic approach to problem solving rather than relying on emotions and intuition.

[  ]  I remind people of rules and/or my work involves having people follow rules or procedures.

[  ]  I prefer to stay out of people’s lives.

[  ]  I pride myself in being particular and discerning when making a purchase.

[  ]  People see me as being a quiet person.

[  ]  I am self-disciplined.

[  ]  My principles are important to me and come before pleasure and fulfillment.

[  ]  I thrive in a structured environment where support systems are in place.

Group E Total:


Record your scores from each group

  • Group A = Water : 
  • Group B = Wood :
  • Group C = Fire :
  • Group D = Earth : 
  • Group E = Metal :

1. Which color(s) do you most prefer?
a. reds or purples
b. shades of brown
c. grays and reflective colors
d. blues or black
e. greens

2. Which personality trait describes you best?
a. funny
b. easy-going
c. analytical
d. creative
e. driven

3. How would you describe your most recent romantic relationship?
a. passionate
b. stable
c. on again/off again
d. private
e. dramatic

4. Which tendency needs the most work in your life?
a. irresponsibility
b. worry
c. inhibition
d. suspicion
e. anger

5. Which design choice sounds most appealing?
a. artsy and eclectic
b. comfortable and cozy
c. smooth, clean and minimalist
d. peaceful and healing
e. garden-like or floral

6. How would you most likely approach a problem?
a. optimistically
b. carefully
c. systematically
d. creatively
e. aggressively

7. Which of the following do you value most?
a. fame and reputation
b. knowledge
c. travel
d. career
e. community

8. Which activity would you prefer?
a. entertaining at a fabulous party
b. gardening and landscaping
c. traveling with friends to a favorite city
d. swimming or lounging near water
e. hiking or camping in a forest

9. What would you recommend to a friend in crisis?
a. think clearly, take control
b. get grounded before taking action
c. find the good in this situation
d. look within to find the solution
e. make a fresh start

10. Which cause would you most likely support?
a. boosting the arts
b. a campaign for social justice
c. improving the quality of education
d. spiritual/religious ideals
e. environmental protection

If you answered with mostly...

a: You could have a Fire Element dominated personality. You are quick-thinking, passionate, friendly, and impulsive, and have a playful side. Those who are too fiery could be too loud and critical. Smother your flames a bit by adding Earth Elements to bring balance.

b: You have an abundance of the Earth Element in your life. You are nurturing, stable, honest, and diplomatic. You are reliable, though sometimes overly so. Too much earthiness can keep you from making changes in your life. Add Metal Elements to brighten your prospects.

c: You have the Metal Element prevalent in your nature. You are focused, disciplined, ethical, and eloquent. You value precision but could be overly critical at times. Highly metallic personalities can have solid boundaries that even loved ones have trouble penetrating. Allow flowing Water Elements to soften your hard exterior.

d: You have an abundance of the Water Element in your character. You are creative, contemplative, patient, and self-aware. You feel things deeply and tend to internalize these feelings. Some watery people are easily overwhelmed and have trouble making decisions. Invite Wood Elements into your life to absorb your fluid emotions.

e: Your disposition is ruled by Wood Element energy. Woodsy folks are confident, ambitious, determined, and compassionate. You work hard but sometimes too hard. An abundance of Wood causes you to push yourself and others past a reasonable limit. Add some playful Fire Elements to help you take life less seriously.

Choose the best answer

  • At work (or in life in general) I like:
  1. Completion. I thrive in competitive situations and persevere until I’m on top.
  2. Making people laugh. People like having me around because I’m always trying to lighten the mood.
  3. Lending people my ear or a shoulder to cry on. People come to me for comfort and understanding.
  4. Working quietly , usually alone, and orderly. Everything must be neat and organized for me to feel comfortable.
  5. Thinking about ways to improve my surroundings. It can be hard for me to make friends because despite all of my great ideas, I like remaining under the radar.
  • On a negative note, I have been called:
  1. Stubborn/Aggressive/Having a Temper
  2. Too Bubbly/Happy/Excited
  3. Gullible/Naive/Overly Worried
  4. A Neat Freak
  5. Distant/Too Blunt/Overly Cautious
  • When I speak, I tend to:
  1. Speak loudly. Sometimes people think I’m shouting, but that’s just the way I am. I’m not really mad.
  2. Laugh. I even giggle between words, especially if I’m nervous. And I blush easily.
  3. Use a singing voice. There is a lot of inflection in my voice. Some people find it soothing, others find it annoying, but I can’t help it.
  4. Speak authoritatively. I like delegating responsibilities.
  5. Moan, whine, or complain. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I’m doing so.
  • I gravitate towards the color:
  1. Green
  2. Red
  3. Yellow
  4. White
  5. Black, Gray, or Dark Blue
  • I easily:
  1. Am affected by the wind.
  2. Get hot.
  3. Sweat.
  4. Get dry skin.
  5. Get cold.
  • Which best describes you?
  1. My body feels stiff regularly, especially my neck and shoulders.
  2. My face is frequently flushed.
  3. I easily retain water, and swell easily.
  4. My skin is frequently dry and sensitive, and my nose gets runny easily.
  5. My hair is prematurely graying or falling out.
  • I love:
  1. Being active towards a goal.
  2. Having a good time with friends
  3. Taking care of plants, animals, and people
  4. Fine art and craftsmanship.
  5. Learning new things and exploring different ideas and cultures.
  • I get _______ easily.
  1. Angry
  2. Excited
  3. Worried
  4. Sad
  5. Scared
  • _______ is fun.
  1. Accomplishing something
  2. Dancing
  3. Hanging out with friends
  4. Going to an art museum
  5. writing in my journal
  • On a positive note, I have been called:
  1. A Great Leader, Determined
  2. Fun, Passionate, Spirited
  3. Compassionate, Caring, Kind
  4. Organized, Smart, Having an Eye for Detail/Beauty
  5. Insightful, Wise for My Years, Articulate


If you scored mostly:

A’s – Wood – The Leader

B’s – Fire – The Performer

C’s – Earth – The Caretaker

D’s- Metal – The Perfectionist

E’s – Water – The Thinker

1. How would others describe the way you walk?
A. Wandering aimlessly with your head in the clouds, thinking and dreaming.
B. Graceful and flowing like a panther, aware of the people around you.
C. Heavy-footed, taking solid steps as if you’re climbing or hiking.
D. Speedily and with energy, leading from the chest.

2. In terms of physical characteristics, would you say:
A. You’re built in a fairly delicate way, tend to have dry skin, poor circulation and a nervous disposition?
B. There’s a fluidity about your body, but you may feel sluggish and tired often?
C. You have something of a sturdy build with strong thighs?
D. Generally, you are healthy and have a lot of energy. You are likely to get hot and bothered easily?

3. If you were reflecting on your Achilles’ heel, would you say you can:
A. Be difficult to pin down and are changeable?
B. Be easily misled, struggle with boundaries and lose yourself?
C. Be a bit stuck in the mud and lack spontaneity?
D. Burn out or flare up quickly, and lack follow through?

4. What would a friend or colleague who enjoys your company be most likely to say about you?
A. They feel excited by your unique ideas, quick thinking and wit.
B. They appreciate how you can really empathise with them.
C. They find it grounding and reassuring to talk to you because of the practical suggestions you offer.
D. They love your energy and feel fired up by your enthusiasm for things.

5. Which of the following landscapes are you most drawn to, or would best describe your inner world?
A. Remote mountains.
B. Seas, lakes and rivers.
C. Forests or woodlands.
D. Anywhere as long as it’s hot.

6. Which of the following are your greatest set of gifts?
A. Imagining, thinking and communicating.
B. Generosity, intuition and harmonising.
C. Practicality, containing and persevering.
D. Initiating, inspiring and causing excitement.